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AFL1000 Round One:Gotta Go Fast and Furious Page 4 by 127thlegion
AFL1000 Round One:Gotta Go Fast and Furious Page 4
Yikes. Sorry bogmonster , I needed a way for Animal Boy to definitively win my entry and still stay in character, so I made it an accident. Since this is basically a "Warm-Up Round," this was the perfect way to harden AB up for future rounds by losing one of his friends. 

Hope you enjoyed my entry! 

Previous: AFL1000 Round One:Gotta Go Fast And Furious Page 3

AFL1000 Round One:Gotta Go Fast And Furious Page 3 by 127thlegion
AFL1000 Round One:Gotta Go Fast And Furious Page 3
And so it begins! AFL1000 has struck Animal Boy and let me tell you, he's not gonna like it! 

I was given the pleasure of having bogmonster and his character Vicky Velocity as my first opponent! 

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AFL1000 Round One:Gotta Go Fast and Furious Page 2 by 127thlegion
AFL1000 Round One:Gotta Go Fast and Furious Page 2
And so it begins! AFL1000 has struck Animal Boy and let me tell you, he's not gonna like it! 

I was given the pleasure of having bogmonster and his character Vicky Velocity as my first opponent! 

Oh yeah, she has a force field when she hits things. 

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AFL1000 Round One:Gotta Go Fast and Furious Page 1 by 127thlegion
AFL1000 Round One:Gotta Go Fast and Furious Page 1
And so it begins! AFL1000 has struck Animal Boy and let me tell you, he's not gonna like it! 

I was given the pleasure of having bogmonster and his character Vicky Velocity as my first opponent! 

Next Page:…
DU: Animal Boy by 127thlegion
DU: Animal Boy
Update Version 6.0: Suit updated. 

Animal Boy was a teenager that knew what it was like to have responsibility before he had power. After his father’s death, and because his mother was always away, he was left in charge of his little sister from a young age. His sisters were away at college and weren't able to be home to help.

Then, he received his power. In a freak accident he accidentally turned into a tiger trying to help his friend who was being bullied. He then skipped the rest of the school day to get a hold of himself. After he read his deceased fathers journal, and learning that his father was Captain Omega, one of the greatest heroes that ever lived, he began training. He spent a year working as a silent protector, until the Psi-Void invasion. He worked on the front lines, defending the world from Psi-voids robot attackers. Trigger, Arch-nemesis of Captain Omega, seeing Animal Boy as a potential threat, targeted him.

In the next year, Animal Boy was attacked by Trigger and almost demasked in front of his entire school body, but then RAPTOR intervened. Soldiers sprang through the windows, coming to his aid and forcing Trigger to leave. Animal Boy followed RAPTOR back to their base, and found his mother working there. She explained to him that she had a very important mission to attend to and that he was to be the Director of RAPTOR. He accepted unwillingly.

            Animal Boy led RAPTOR through one of it’s most trying times during the Freedom War in Summer 2012, when the government tried to force the superhuman community to be trained in order to be a hero. While not fully agreeing with what had to be done, Animal Boy was stuck in a rock and a hard place, in which he had to fight for RAPTOR. The Freedom War allowed Animal Boy to make many friends, as well as a few enemies within the Superhero Community. After the Freedom War, Trigger attempted to take over the world, along with many of the super villains Animal Boy had fought over the course of that year, but was ultimately stopped when Animal Boy’s mother returned. Triggers body was destroyed, with only his cyborg head being left behind. His daughter, Empress Zero, then stole his head and put it into a stasis chamber.           

            In 2013, Animal Boy joined the reformed Thunder Force team under the guidance of Wildman. Wildman helped Animal Boy train his abilities in a more formal setting. Near the beginning of the year, Animal Boy had a few jump scares in the middle of the night, when gold, glowing streams of energy left his mouth. He confronted his mother who had his power before him, who eventually told him the origin of their powers. As the story goes, the powers that have been passed down for generations stemmed from a device that the biblical Noah created before the flood, through advanced technology made from resources completely destroyed in that flood. The device stored the DNA of every kind of animal in the world, and recorded them for later use. After the flood, one of Noah’s sons dropped the device and the entirety of the DNA from the device was put inside of him. He passed the powers it gave them to one of his children, who passed it down to one of his children, and so on. But since Animal Boy’s father had superpowers as well when he was conceived, somehow the powers were ingrained in his blood.  The powers in his blood, as well as his mother passing the same powers to him like their ancestors, caused interference with his powers. He had to get rid of the stream of DNA that his mother passed him. He and his mother traveled to the remains of the Ark, where he found the device, and stored the powers inside of it.

Later that year, the powerful being called Omega attacked and nearly destroyed the world. Animal Boy helped thwart his attack with the Thunder Force team. During Omega’s destruction, however, his father Captain Omega came back from the dead mysteriously.  

Powers and Abilities:
Animal Boy has the power to transform into any animal that has
ever existed (including dinosaurs).

His abilities and skills also include:
- intelligence (He is a straight A student, but after becoming a hero, he might get a B from time to time, because he rushes to
- Mastery of a few forms of hand to hand combat. He took lessons when he was a child, not knowing his parents were preparing him for his Superhuman life.
- The ability to speak in any language (he can undestand peoples
speech as well as animals, no matter who they are.)
-Animal instinct: his mind can go into slower motion while fighting,using his instincts to know the most probable move the enemy will take.
- A suit made from Mercuridium: Supplied by RAPTOR, Animal
Boy's suit is made of liquid metal. It can mold over his body and
then freeze in place. It is somewhat bulletproof, but can be warn down over time. The suit does not mold with his shapeshifting,
it simply retracts and the suit carrier camoflauges itself to his body.

This is my greatest accomplishment in my artistic and literary career.

Extra info:
Age: 16
Height: 5'10
Weight: 165 lbs
Abbreviation/nickname: AB
There has been an awakening, have you felt it?

Two major projects coming up this new year!

The Darkness... 
As promised, the Hei$t has begun! A year long story I hope to update once a week, the Hei$t follows four of my characters, Inferno, Pachydoom, Rose, and Overflow. As to the plot, well, you'll see :) Expect lots of guest stars. How it's gonna work is it's gonna be single image pages with narration from one of the four in the description 

And the Light!
Protectors File-1 by 127thlegionProtectors File-2 by 127thlegionProtectors File-3 by 127thlegionProtectors File-4 by 127thlegionProtectors File-5 by 127thlegionProtectors File-6 by 127thlegionProtectors File-7 by 127thlegion

As always, I'll be participating in the :icondeviantuniverse: as much as possible! This is gonna be a great year, I can feel it. 

Also pardon the Star Wars reference. Star Wars VII and Age of Ultron are coming this year and I cannot wait. 


Basic Sketch
Happy Birthday Mja by 127thlegion
Warm Up 4 by 127thlegion
Warm Up 1 by 127thlegion
Warm Up 2 by 127thlegion
A Black and White sketched drawing of anything you want. It could be inked, or not, depending on your choice.
Colored Sketch
Haters gonna Hate by 127thlegion
SPLENDOR (Fan Art) by 127thlegion
Corvus (Commission) by 127thlegion
I Came Here to Kick Butt and Drink Beer by 127thlegion
An in depth Sketch of any character of your choice, complete with colors from copic markers!
The Digital Package
Dragonfly by 127thlegion
Nebula by 127thlegion
Veladius Redd by 127thlegion
Shaded, Colored, and extra bells and whistles that come with Digital painting!
Comic Cover
Animal Boy Chapter 1 Cover by 127thlegion
The New DU: R.O.G.E.R.S. Cover by 127thlegion
A regular comic book cover, with the title and everything!


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Andrew Lawerence
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

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